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One of the more entertaining aspects of watching the Clone Wars CGI show on Cartoon Network involved wishing for toys to be made based on whichever new character model appeared on screen that week.


While the Jawas (CW08) were seen briefly in the Jabba’s Palace scenes from the Clone Wars Movieit took about two seasons to finally get them done in Hasbro’s Clone Wars line.


This is possibly one of the last instances were Hasbro felt the need to include two complete action figures in one package and sell it at the basic figure price, yet it took me some time to finally decide if I wanted them in my collection.


You see, back when these guys came out, I was only picking out Clone Wars figures that, to my eye, looked like they could fit in with the live-action style figures in my collection, and these Jawas didn’t quite fit the bill.


However, a couple of years later, my stance on the subject shifted, partly because now the number of Clone Wars figures I own is large enough to not have to worry about a couple of figures standing out from the crowd. And also, with Hasbro’s ongoing distribution woes there are not a lot of new figures to look for.


Thankfully, the Clone Wars Jawas turned out to be quite nice. As I mentioned, they come two to a pack, one taller than the other. Both have brown rubber bandoliers across their chests, and even though the look of the figures is very stylized, their brown robes have a pretty nice amount of details.


Each Jawa has a slightly different articulation design, as follows:


• Ball jointed neck (Both).

• Pegged hinge shoulders (Both).

• Pegged hinge elbows (Only the Tall one)

• Swivel wrists (Both).

• Swivel waist (Both).

• Swivel feet (Only the short one).


Neither one has a lot of joints, but I find that this design works perfectly for each character.


There is very little paint applied on each Jawa, since most of them are molded in plain brown plastic. About the only different colors that can be seen on them are the feet wraps and the interior of their hoods, with the golden yellow eyes surrounded by darkness.


I kind of miss the light-piping Kenner (and later on Hasbro) used to implement to give glowing eyes to the Jawas, but I have to admit that these painted on eyes look a lot better.


Each Jawa comes with a silver gun that fits the respective loops on their bandoliers. The tall one seems to carry a blunderbuss-like Ionization gun, while the short one seems to carry a holdout blaster.


These Jawas are really fun figures, and I’m pretty much glad I got them, even though it took me a couple of years.


Errex Score: 85/100


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