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April 6, 2013 | By More


walbird_frontI’d never gave Angry Birds a second thought. I’d seen screen shots. I understood what it was. I just didn’t have interest. It didn’t help that it was way over merchandised. Including the slew of stuff that was released to coincide with the Space and Star Wars releases.

What changed you may ask? My mom. That’s right. I saw a Facebook notice my mother had set a new high score in Angry Birds Star Wars. Now, my mom was invading my turf with the combination of video games and Star Wars. This aggression would not stand!

So I started playing. Over the course of a weekend, I became obsessed with systematically beating her high scores. There’s probably something about that a therapist would tell me, I really don’t care or want to know. I then proceeded to get all the medals for the levels available on Facebook. (If you noticed a lack of updates on a weekend, it was due to this or Spec Ops in Avengers Alliance.)

A short time later, I was perusing the toy aisles when I noticed the blind bagged Angry Birds Star Wars “figures”. Okay you’ve seen them in the window boxes for the sets. These are essentially what my generation would call pencil toppers.

They are cute. They’ve managed to make good three dimensional representations of the various critters from the games. Well, sorta cute.

The first one I unbagged was Walrusman, or as Mrs. Nerd would say, “the walrus dude that looks like he has testicles on his chin from the Cantina.” He’s not bad. Not somebody I would have picked for myself the paint is fairly well done compared to some of the other things I’ve seen like this.The hair/beard looks like fur which not every representation of him has done well.

hanbird_frontNow the other one has to be the worst blind bagged exclusive ever. The Han in Carbonite bird. He’s shown on the back of the bag where it says that it’s exclusive to the blind bag. That’s right, all you have to do is feel for a square and you have found him. No multiple copies of Walrusman for me. (Yes, I know his name is now Ponda Baba. I will never call him that.)

The Han bird looks good. There’s the control panels on the side that have more detail than some of the Hasbro version along with a great version of the Yellow Bird frozen into it. Honestly, I think this would make a great bite size chocolate mold.

The one thing that could improve him is some paint. Maybe a some lights on the control panels or something. Or maybe a glow where he would be mid thaw. It’s basically an animated version of it, so it’s okay I guess.


I was happy to get the exclusive bird. He’s cool. Walrusman? He’s okay. But, he wasn’t somebody that was going to draw me in and make me want more. They are neat, but for the money, I’d rather have a Lego minifigure.




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  1. Errex says:

    Wow! Those actually look rather nice. I have hardly seen regular Angry Birds merchandise locally, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing any SW ones either, which is something my wallet wouldn’t mind.