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Absorbing Man (4)Well, to be honest, I kind of bought this guy by mistake. At some point, after getting the Wrecker figure, I kind of got the whim to hunt down and collect the rest of the Wrecking Crew and since Absorbing Man had been on pegs for quite some time, with a wrecking ball displayed prominently as an accessory, I picked him up without realizing that even though he got his powers pretty much in the same way as the Wrecking Crew guys (granted by Loki), absorbing Man is not a part of that supervillain group.


Absorbing Man uses the exact same mold used for a comic 2-Pack with Dr. Doom, with a couple different paintjobs for his individual release as part of Marvel Universe Series 3. The version I got is the human skinned version, which is apparently the variant one since the cardback shows the metallic skin version.


The head sculpt on Absorbing Man is a fairly good depiction of the character up to the pointy head and brutish scowl, but the rest of the figure uses the same basic body as Luke Cage, except for the left hand. This gives Absorbing Man a pretty decent range of articulation consisting of:


Absorbing Man (5)• Ball jointed neck.

• Double peg, hinged shoulders.

• Hinged elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Floating torso.

• Ball jointed hips.

• Double Hinged knees.

• Peg & Hinge ankles.


The overall range on each joint is generally good with only the ankles being a bit restricted by the cuffs of the pants.


The paintjob on Absorbing Man is very clean and very simple. The exposed skin sections were molded from flesh colored plastic with only a shading wash applied, while the pants are molded in white plastic and painted in fashionable black Prison Stripes.


Absorbing Man (9)For accessories, Absorbing Man has a hard plastic wrecking ball in which the chain is actually a separate rubber piece and a black plastic display base with his moniker printed on top along with the number “024”.


In a nutshell, Absorbing Man is a pretty neat, conspicuous villain to add to my collection, as it is always nice to have a few villains that could stand toe-to-toe against some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.


 Absorbing Man (10)

Errex Score: 78/100

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