Joe Con 2013: Custom Figures

May 1, 2013 | By More



I started with the dioramas because they are a personal favorite. However, there was just as much talent on display in the custom figure competition.



This was actually in the diorama category, I just forgot to put it over there. I dig astronauts, so this 12″ Joe was fun for me to see.


Speaking of 12″ Joes, this custom Breaking Bad Figure was put together really well.


Again a diorma, but really seemed to highlight a single figure and reminded me of the Sideshow temple display piece.


Some customizers might seem to monkey around, but this Cobra/Ape hybrid was pretty darn cool.


This dude was probably my favorite out of all of them. Not only does it take 12″ Adverture Team into the smaller world, I actually could seen this being a set back in the day.





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