Joe Con 2013: Part 3

May 29, 2013 | By More


There were a fair number of GI Joe informational booths at Joe Con. I really have a lot of respect for these folks. They weren’t there selling anything, but rather there to promote the hobby and provide information.

Two very cool sites were there that I had a chance to talk to: Yo Joe and Joe Customs. And when I say talk to, I mean it. You can hear my interviews with them on Episode 60 of the Action Figure Blues Podcast.


You probably can tell that Joe Customs promotes custom figures. They had a pretty wide array of things on display. The Adventure Team stuff was probably my favorite. For some reason this event really stirred up my love for the older Joes.


I really loved these versions of R2 and Threepio inspired by Iron Man. Honestly everyone of the customs on display was a work of art. If you are into customs or GI Joes or just love looking at cool stuff go check them out.


I had a pretty long conversation with Phillip Donnelly from Yo Joe about the GI Joe keychains. These were a series of vintage 12″ GI Joe figures made into modern style figures and used as a key ring. The bad part about this is that I’m now fascinated with them. I’d seen them, but had no idea there were as many versions and variations as they had on display. Thanks for all the great info Phillip!


If you aren’t familiar with the website Yo Joe!, you should be. It’s the best resource for a GI Joe collector on the web. Their archives are a nearly complete record of darn every GI Joe figure, weapon and vehicle. Have a piece and don’t know what it is from? Their WHOBIT section will guide you through identifying it.  On top of that they have news and plenty of other information.

I only wish every toyline had an archive site as well organized and tuned as this one. Even if you aren’t a big GI Joe collector, check out. Well worth visiting for nostalgia alone!


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  1. Errex says:

    Awesome coverage. Love the custom figures and the ones that look like they were 12″ Joes, but aren’t.