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minion_2I’ve been pretty vocal about how I wished there had been more Minion merchandise available from the first Despicable Me film. Mrs. Nerd and I both love them. Well, they certainly made up for it this time around. Take Minions and blind bag them? Yeah, I’m in.

Stuart is the first one I’m looking at. He’s a single eyed devious Minion holding cupcakes. Yeah, this is the one most like me.

He’s holding one of the cupcakes behind his back. For being as small as these guys are, the sculpting is pretty good. They are animated characters, but they really have captured the look here.

The other character here is Dave. He’s holding a banana. This is relevant to the Minions, as they appear to love them in the Banana short.

minion_1I have to say the thing that impresses me the most with these little guys is the eyes. They look like they might be separate pieces popped in after being painted. This gives a really seamless line between the eye and the silver of the goggles.

I kind of like the fact the hair is just paint. At this scale, sculpted strands would have been a paint nightmare.

There’s some minor slop in the paint on the hands, but nothing really to complain about. Even the Gru logo is cleanly done.

They both do come with stands. There’s a Gru logo on them with a foot peg in the middle. With some of the other characters the central foot peg probably makes more sense. Here it puts the Minion on one side. It’s pretty minor though. Stuart stands without his, but because of Dave’s raised left foot, he needs his stand.



I really like these little guys. Toys R Us sold through them pretty darn quickly. I will say there is a cardboard piece in the pack that makes ID’ing them a little tricky. So if you see a bald guy sorting through these in an Indiana toy aisle, stop and say high.

There are three more Minion characters I’ll be on the lookout if I see these on pegs again. There’s also 8 humans and a fluffy unicorn. For the lower price point, and fair number of Minions, I say well done.

Engineernerd Score: 98/100



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  1. Errex says:

    Those guys look really cool. Who makes them?

  2. Engineernerd says:

    I believe it is Thinkway.