Mace Windu & Jango Fett (Jedi Force)

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JF Mace y Jango (2)

  One aspect I really enjoy about collecting these type of figures, is how stress-free it has been. Hasbro releases about half a dozen sets a year, which is considerably less than the number of figures released on the other 3.75-inch. lines. And unlike those other lines, the Jedi Force sets are pretty much available all year round.


Avatar Jango large One of the more recent entries is this 2-Pack with Mace Windu and Jango Fett. Both figures are done in the super deformed, cutesy style with a fair amount of detail sculpted onto each.


Jango Fett is possibly the more striking character in this set, with the bright silver plates and the familiar helmet design. His right hand is sculpted holding one of his blaster pistols, while the left hand is sculpted in a gripping pose.


I found it interesting that while the right holster was sculpted empty, Jango has a sculpted pistol grip peering from the left one, only in a scale that has nothing to do with the weapon he is brandishing. I think it would have made more sense to leave both holsters empty, considering that by the time Jango and Mace battled, the bounty hunter was already one pistol short.


JF Mace (2)Mace Windu is a somewhat less flashy figure, but he came close of being my favorite in this set.


The simplicity of this costume design lends itself quite well to be sculpted in this format, but there are also a few nice touches in the detailing of the lightsaber hilt and the pouches and clasps on belt and boots. Similar to Jango, his right hand is sculpted holding his purple lightsaber, with the left hand molded in a grip.


Both figures are articulated similarly with swivel heads, pegged hinge shoulders, swivel wrists and swivel hips. Construction on both characters is very solid and their large feet allow them excellent stability.


JF Jango (4)The one thing to look out for with these is the paintjob. On the whole, considering these figures ship in an open-face package and are meant for young kids to play with, the paintjob is fairly decent.


The muted color palette on Mace makes him the better looking of the pair, I think, and while Jango has a very nice finish, there is the tiny issue of the unpainted straps on his thighs that secure down the holsters.


In the end, even though I got this set mainly to get Jango, I ended up liking Mace a little bit more than I expected, therefore both characters score the same in my book.

 JF Mace (4)

Errex Score:  83/100

JF Mace y Jango

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