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willie_front Out of all the Duck Dynasty figures, Willie was the one I was probably least interested in. However, after obtaining the other three, I figured I should finish of the series with the CEO of Duck Commander.


This is a Willie we’ve seen a few times on the show. It’s his bluejeans with white sport coat look. It’s used one of the intro sequences for the show in the scene where he’s running for the helicopter.

Where the rest of the figures seem to have a generic look to their bodies, I sense this one my have been done specifically for this figure. Not only does he have the sport coat, but he’s a bit stouter than the other figures. That stoutness is correct, if anything he might be a little thinner here than he should be.

While some more expensive figures would have used a separate piece for the coat, Willie’s torso is one piece. The drawback to his is that they kept coat short to allow for a full range of motion in his legs. It gives the appearance the jacket is two short but otherwise fit correctly.

The underlying head sculpt here is decent like the other’s in the line. It’s ashamed that the paint lets it down. There were two of these figures on the peg when I got mine, and one of them was missing paint on half of his nose. The eyes on this one aren’t the greatest, but much better than missing half a hose.

The other thing is the missing paint on his head. Specifically, the missing paint on his head band. Willie’s trade mark is a Stars and Stripes bandanna tied around his forehead.  Here he’s sporting a plain red one. I’m sure this was to keep costs down. Also, I’m sure it would be a pain to do on figure this scale.


Now with CEO action! I’m kidding, but where all the other guys appear ready for outdoor adventures Willie doesn’t. He looks ready for sitting behind a desk action.

Oddly, he comes with an accessory that I would think be more common for these guys. A duck. This is a pretty nice duck at that. It stands on it’s feet but looks like it’s ready to take flight. The feather detail is pretty good and there’s a fair amount of paint for an accessory piece.

Of course, Willie comes with the same duck call the other figures did to call this duck. Honestly, I wish they had been different colors at least.

Willie also comes with an accessory no good redneck should be without. A cooler. This one is emblazoned with “BAIT” across the top. I suppose that is so kids don’t think it’s a beer cooler. On the down side, the handles stick straight out to the side and don’t go down. O the upside? It opens. this surprised me; it’s a pretty cool feature.



willie_cardedNow Willie might not be the best of these figures, but family is family. And it would have been ashamed not to have him with the rest. The accessories make up for it a bit as they are key accessories for the Duck Dynasty crew.

I found out after I got him there’s a set that has him an SUV and a boat. I probably would’ve considered that over the single carded one. As a “vehicle driver,” I’d have taken him up a notch.

Engineernerd Score: 77/100


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