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In terms of toy collecting, 2013 was essentially more of 2012 for me. Some surprises. Some disappointments. Overall not a bad year, but not the best since I’ve been collecting.

One of the upsides to 2013 was G.I. Joe for me. With a new movie and figures, I’ve had a lot of fun rekindling that collection. Having Joe Con in Indianapolis was a huge bonus. Also, getting back to Coil Con was great fun. I got to hang out with good friends and talk toys. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The downside to GI Joe was the downside across a number of properties. Distribution. You just can’t find collectors toys in stores. Maybe a few here and there, but this year the shift to online buying for collectors is highly evident. For somebody who likes the thrill of the hunt, this has maybe took a bite out of passion a bit. I just really like to see what I’m buying.

Or maybe I don’t. Because the most fun I’ve had collecting this year has been blind box/blind bag items. I think it’s that thrill of the hunt thing. I can tell this because in front of me on my desk I’ve an army of Doctor Who Titans, a couple of Despicable Me Minions, a vinyl Joker and a Merle Dixon. Across the way is a bunch of Lego Minifigures. There’s a few more things in boxes here waiting to have photos taken.

Yep, if anything this has been the year of the blind packed figure for me. Most collectors go for higher end stuff as they get more sophisticated in their collecting. Nope, not me. Smaller and cheaper for me. I just find myself more attracted to the cute, deformed, and mini for some reason. (Adam, hush.)

My other favorite thing this year was getting to hang with my buddies on the Action Figure Blues Podcast. I can’t say enough good about these guys!

And last, but certainly not least, thank you Errex! You really make this site what it is. You’ve carried it through when life has got in the way for me, and I can’t tell you thank you enough. You’ve also managed show off some really fantastic toys this year!

What am I excited for in 2014? Two things and both are movies. The Lego Movie and the new Muppet movie. Can’t wait!

(Editor Note: Regular postings will resume next week!)

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