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gaim_frontThere are a number of different Kamen Rider Gaim figures. Ranging from zero articulation to Figuarts level. My original intention was Gaim was going to be my first Figurarts figure. However, the mid range “Arms Change” series figures were just too tempting.

If you read Monday’s take on the show, you know that this version of Kamen Rider allows the riders to change their armor based on the lockseed they have in the driver. This means these armors are able to be swapped among the different Riders. I love the fact Bandai mad this into something the figures could do as well.

For this review. I’m gong to look at the base Gaim figure. This is him mid transformation. No, he never fights this way on the show. I just thought it would be a good way to look at the base figure.

I really wasn’t sure what scale Kota here was going to be when I ordered him. Turns out he’s more or less in the 6 inch scale. He’s tall than the Revoltech I have, which means I’ll have to re-think my long term shelf display plans.

First of all, I will say if you are expecting a Marvel Legends type figure, this isn’t it. The plastic is a bit harder and the figure is a a lot more sleek than one of the comic book heroes. Since they are essentially spandex body suits, this might not be far off.

gaim_driverThe driver belt is there of course. There’s a bit of cheating going on here. Since the figure can change, the lockseed has been painted silver. Also, the knife isn’t painted correctly. the whole thing should be sliver with the inset on the handle as black and the inset of the blade as yellow. Just like their American contemporaries, I’m sure this is a cost cutting measure.

On the right side of his belt is a small lockseed holster that is designed to hold three lockseeds. Again, no paint. But since you don’t know what lockseed he is using, it makes sense.

One thing you might notice is the big gap in his head. This is for the change feature. (Come back Friday, it will make sense.) It works with the clear lens in the eyes.  They actually seemed to get the little detail paint aps right on the head. I’m glad for this.

gaim_backSpeaking of paint, it’s pretty good. Considering most of it is lines on a fairly smooth surface, this could have went horribly wrong. Every thing is very crisp. Gertie could take some lessons from here.

One thing I didn’t expect was the screw construction. Most figures we see here in the States have a minimal number of screws. This figure is the complete opposite. from the back a number of screws are visible.

In addition to the screws, there are a number of rivets showing on this figure. Since, I’m used to old school O-ring GI Joe figures, this really doesn’t bother me, but might frustrate some folk.

Speaking of the articulation, it’s not bad. the Since the figure is fairly minimal, there aren’t really any hindrances to the base figure’s movements.  In general, he moves fluidly.

I was limited very slightly by the feet. They aren’t rigid, but are only ball jointed and somewhat more limited that an ankle rocker type joint.

One set of joints that is funky is his hands. he has articulated fingers. Now, they look funny open all the way, but I would imagine they will let him grasp any weapon he might need. To that end he has a separate trigger finger on his right hand. Well, two fingers. (Engineernerd note: I didn’t realize the left hand is the same way until I put the picture in. It was tight.)

gaim_handsWhy would he need a trigger finger? For his his Musou Saber, of course. Gaim’s base form has a combination sword and gun that he can use in different ways. It fits into a small holder on his belt when he’s not using it. The pieces on his belt tends to pop off when you move his legs farther out. I’ve warned you.

The saber, much like the belt looks good the sculpting is good. Again though, it’s missing some of the detail painting. The major silver and gold lines are there. But, a little more silver on the gun portions would have went a long way. Especially on the barrel.

The plug port on the saber is where a lockseed can fit, and is essentially open. Some creative sole could probably make lockseeds to fit it.



I’m going to tell you by the time I got the figure here it was around $40. Would I snap it up off the shelf for that price if it was here? No. It did server a couple of purposes for me though. One, I really like the show and wanted some merchandise for my toy shelf. Two, I really wanted to expand my horizons into Japanese toys a bit. This isn’t for the ones that are faint of heart in the wallet department, though. Overall, I’m pleased with. Of course, come back Friday to see the Henshin part….



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  1. Errex says:

    Very cool figure and great review. I look forward to friday’s.

  2. Newt says:

    Nice figure and review, man.