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Robocop v3 (5)


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Robocop 3.0 is the second version of the character released  by Jada Toys in 2014 for the new RoboCop movie. The figure is made in the 1/18 scale and it represents the suit that gets the most screen time, although character Alex Murphy (played by Joel Kinnaman) spends time alternating between the two versions available.


Now, it puzzles me somewhat that we get the 1.0 and 3.0 versions but nothing in between. There is this one scene where the character played by Michael Keaton uttered the “Make him more tactical. Let’s go with black.” line, just after one of his employees presents him the results of a focus group test that had an image of the vintage Robocop design attached to it, but I did not catch if that was supposed to be version 2.0 


Robocop v3 (6)And with that, I just assumed that Jada Toys would simply paint the RoboCop 1.0 black and call it a day, but as it turns out, I was completely wrong.


RoboCop 3.0 is a completely different sculpture, although the overall design is still similar to the outline of the 1.0 body. RoboCop 3.0 has a more streamlined armor design, which no doubt made for a much more comfortable suit design to use during the making of the new movie.


The level of detail is also very high, as the robotic suit is sculpted full of interlocking panels and it even has a tiny OCP badge sculpted on the chest. The sculpting on the organic bits still leaves something to be desired, but at least this time the exposed mouth seems a little more defined and is easier to see with the new helmet design.


Robocop v3 (8)

Articulation is the same as it is on the 1.0 version, although the slimmer shoulder pads allow extra mobility to the arms. RoboCop 3’0 is articulated thus:


• Ball jointed neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Pegged hinge hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Pegged hinge knees.


In addition to the shoulders, the neck has a slightly improved movement range that allows RoboCop to subtly tilt his head to the sides.


Robocop v3

RoboCop 3.0 is molded directly in black plastic, but he has some glossy paint applications on him that do a fine job simulating different materials. RoboCop 3.0 has tiny accents painted in red on his chest plate, as well as a longer red visor painted on his helmet. The paint on the exposed skin areas is neat, but is as plain as paper.
The only pieces that are a straight re-use from the 1.0 suit are the weapons. RoboCop 3.0 comes armed with the same pistol and the same submachine gun as his silver incarnation, and the weapons are decorated in the exact same way, up to the tiny OCP letters sprayed onto the magazine of the larger weapon. The guns are also keyed to be carried in each hand specifically, the pistol on the right hand and the machine gun on the left one.


In the end, RoboCop 3.0 has a small amount of advantage in my book over the 1.0 version because of the slightly improved articulation scheme; although I admit that the paintjob on that one makes it easier to appreciate all of the intricate sculpting these figures have on them.

 Robocop v3 (3)

Errex Score: 83/100

 Robocop v3 (9)

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