Marvel Vs. DC On Screen Heroes Bracket – Round 2 Voting Open!

August 20, 2014 | By More


I really feel bad for Blade. Batman decimated him. Blade did not get a single vote.

To everybody who has participated so far, thank you very much!

First let me say go check out all the great stuff from bracket sponsors Cold Slither Podcast Network and Action Figure Blues.

There were a number of big surprises to me. First, Blade not getting a single vote. I figured there’d be at least one Batman hater.

Second, most of the movie Avengers were eliminated. I really didn’t see Iron Man going out in the first round, but Martian Manhunter had the edge. Hulk versus Superman was going to be close I figured. Hawkeye and Green Arrow was at 50/50 for a long time with the Emerald Archer finally getting the upper hand and moving on. More_than may have cried a little when I informed him Wonder Woman had taken down Captain America.

The third surprise for me was Abin Sur beating out Falcon. Voting was close on that one as well.

Will Batman continue to be the bracket busting juggernaut and beat AFB Scotty’s favorite Aquaman? Will Gambit rightfully triumph over Silver Surfer? Only one way we will find out, and that if you go vote!

When you are done voting, go brag and do some chatting about over at the AFB Forum, that’s


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