Marvel vs. DC – You Decide who comes out on top!

August 6, 2014 | By More


Bracket challenges are big with sports here in the US, so why not a a superhero one? Being TV and Film toys, I wanted to make it a bit more interesting. I based the heroes and seeding on their screen and video game appearances roughly. I had to tweak it a bit though. 

Essentially, this Marvel vs DC. Now, the Mavel heroes have and edge where it comes to live action appearance. The DC folks might have a better edge where it comes to animation. Does it matter? Nope you fill out the bracket however you want. In one week, come back and we all vote on round 1! A week later, round 2, etc… Easy Peasy!

Now, I can’t let my forum friends go unrewarded….

If you have the best bracket at the end of the tournament, you will win 5 prestigious forum points! 2nd will get 3 and Third will get 1! 
To win these however, you must included your forum name in your bracket title! 

Of course, thanks to all of the AFB crew for helping. Also thanks to the one and only Classick Material from the Cold Slither Podcast Network for coaching me on this! (His 24 bracket inspired this as well)

Enjoy everybody! 

(Also, if you guys eliminate Gambit in the first round, I will be ticked.)

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