Desert Troopers (Call of Duty)

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CoD Desert Troopers (3)

Well after dabbling into the Megabloks Call of Duty line with the Drone Attack set, I really wanted to pick up a troop builder set, so to keep things consistent I went for the one with the desert troopers.
CoD Desert Troopers (11)Set #06825 Desert Troopers contains 146 pieces, of which at least 90 are made up by the figures themselves, as each one consists of 20 separate pieces, not counting the extra gear bits.


All of the figures share the same basic body mold from knees to neck, with a couple of different molds used for the lower legs, another couple of molds for the forearms and at least five different head sculpts on this particular set.


CoD Desert TroopersThe Desert Troopers set includes one figure already built and displayed prominently in a clear window at the front of the box, but the rest of the squad comes entirely disassembled, although the pieces for each individual character are bagged together.


The construction of each soldier is fairly straightforward and Megabloks encourages mixing and matching pieces for a more custom feel, but I kept mostly to the contents in each bag for mine.


The materials used for the figures feel durable and the assembled troopers have a nice amount of articulation in the form of:

CoD Desert Troopers (12)

• Ball jointed head.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel waist.

• Ball jointed hips.

• Hinged knees.


CoD Desert Troopers (10)Although the waist is a swivel, keep in mind that there are stops built in the belt piece that prevent the upper torso to spin 360°, but instead provide a fairly realistic rotation arc for the waist. Each joint feels firm enough to hold any pose, and each figure also has holes on their feet to connect to the regular studs found in construction blocks.


The paint applications on these soldiers are very simple. Most of the plastic used for these figures has this marbling effect that adds some depth to the uniforms, while the actual paint applications are kept small and neat.


CoD Desert Troopers (9)The set includes pieces to build a small display base for these figures and more than enough gear to equip them all. Their utility vests have points to attach a variety of accessories and all of the assault rifles supplied are very customizable with a variety of stocks, barrels and ammo magazines.


Overall, I liked this set very much because of the amount of gear, the number of different figure molds and the number of options to customize them.

CoD Desert Troopers (4)


Errex Score: 92/100

CoD Desert Troopers (6)

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