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daenerys_frontThere are so many rich storylines on Game of Thrones, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I have to say I always find myself looking for forward to the Daenerys and Arya scenes the most. Daenerys has a story driven by birth right, revenge, and what she feels is just. It really just draws you in.

As such, it’s no surprise she was one of the first figures to get the Legacy figure treatment in Funko’s line. Actually, she has two versions. The one I’m reviewing here is the early version in her Dothraki outfit. Kind of half rags thing that makes all the long haired horse riders go wild.

There has been a lot of talk of quality issues with these figures. I have two now and have not had any issues at all. All of the joints were in one piece when I took her out of the tray. These figures are boxed, and I really like that. I’m spoiled now I guess.

Out of the box there is no disputing who this is. The long hair and peasant look are executed pretty well here. even a casual fan of the show would recognize her. She may actually be a tad too clean if anything. But, that would depend if this is wandering in the wild or encamped Daenerys.

The face seems a bit more innocent than the later seasons. I think the character has grown and the expression here is an example of that. She doesn’t seem as hardened as she does in later episodes. I really like the sculpt on the hair. I think it gives a good sense of her long golden locks. Blone hair can be difficult, but the color and fact it is designed to look like bunches of hair really helps here. My only complaint on the head is that the lips might be a tad too red. But that is pretty minor.

daenerys_backI have to say this is what I would call the right amount of articulation for a bare skinned female arm. The wrist articulation is hidden in the Oliver Twist gloves and elbows look better than a lot of what is out there. (I’m looking at you Slave Leia and Yarna.)

One piece of well done articulation is the chest joint. The joint is well tucked away under her top thing. Because of this location, it is hidden in the all the views and gives good enough rotation. The top is rubber material. My only complaint is a slight bit of flesh tone slop on the top of the rubber piece in the back.

The skirt is split on each side. It still limits the hips a tad bit, but not terribly. The sculpt and texture look nice, and well, in this outfit she didn’t do very much sitting.

The legs are a bit of different story. I’ve struggled a bit to get this figure to stand repeatedly. I suspect one of two things or a combination. Either the right foot is not correct. Or the left leg is two long. I can get her to stand, but it takes some work.

The look of the legs is fine. It’s pretty nondescript. The ankles look a bit wonky to me.



danerys_kneelOf course, we can’t have the Mother of Dragons without a dragon. Well, we could have. Honestly, with some other companies, I might not have been surprised. The blue dress version doesn’t come with a dragon, but they are much bigger by that point.

This is the red dragon, Drogon. The paint work is nice, the wings have a leathery appearance to them. Now, he won’t stand on his own. He has pegs coming off of both of his feet. These peg into some kind of ugly holes on her upper shoulder. Now. I did manage to get him pegged in, but it was a bit fiddly. Once in, he seemed pretty secure.


People were a bit hard on the first series of Legacy figures. I can’t speak for their experience since mine was fine. I will say the standing issue is probably the thing that bothers me the most here. It’s not insurmountable, but for a figure that doesn’t come with a stand it is a bit of pain.

I also would have like to have seen a bit more with the dragon. Either a stand or base would have been a nice little accessory.

Other than those two issues, I thing the paint and sculpt is above average for a mass market release.

Engineernerd Score: 85/100





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  1. Errex says:

    Lovely figure. This one the first I picked up from the line. I feel she could have been given at least a dagger.