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If you ask me, Groot is the breakaway character in Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy movie and fortunately, Hasbro did a bang–up job crafting it as the Build-A-Figure for the Marvel Legends Infinite Series.


GrootFor me, one of the things that made this Groot figure so attractive is the fact that it can be used to serve a wide number of roles, either as a generic Ent, a Forest Elemental or simply as a really big Groot to go along my Marvel Universe figures.


Groot’s pieces come included with the other figures in the Guardians of the Galaxy assortment, and is extremely easy to assemble. The finished figure clocks about 9 ½ inches tall and it is quite impressive, despite a minor flaw or two.


This Groot incarnation is based on the movie designs of course, so he wears no clothing and the sculpted facial expression is rather placid, although it varies a little depending on the light.


The overall sculpture is quite detailed, as each surface displays a very convincing bark texture and even though in the movie Groot is not as acrobatic as some of his companions, he still has a good number of articulation points in the form of:


Groot (2)• Ball jointed neck.

• Pin & disk shoulders.

• Biceps swivel.

• Double hinged elbows.

• Pin & disk wrists.

• Floating torso.

• Pin & disk hips.

• Pin & disk knees.

• Pin & disk ankles.

• Rocker feet.


All of the joints feel sturdy and even though there are some limitations to the range of movement in the lower limbs, Groot has good stability and can be posed dynamically with no problems.


Groot (13)The paintjob on Groot is almost non-existent, which is something of a shame considering the nice, complex textures he has sculpted on.


The eyes are painted solid black, and only the torso, face and forearms display subtle hints of green paint airbrushed to simulate moss. The final effect is good, but a shading wash could have really enhanced the overall look of this figure.


Groot does not have any accessories to speak of, but he can borrow a number of pieces from other action figures, like the Ultimate Goblin’s flame cloak.


Despite the lackluster paint scheme, I think this Groot is still a gorgeous action figure and more than enough reason to purchase his entire wave of action figures.


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Errex Score: 97/100

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