SAM Turret (Call of Duty)

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SAM Turret CoD


This SAM Turret set (#06867) was released by Mega Bloks back in 2014 in their Call of Duty line; it comes with 91 pieces which are used to build a small Surface-to-Air-Missile site.


SAM Turret CoD (4)The number of pieces in this set can be a bit deceptive, since most of them are very, very small and very few of them are actually construction bricks. Most of the pieces in this set are small plastic pipes, c-clips and pegs used to build the support struts for the missile pods.


Overall, the building experience for the turret is pretty decent, even though the end result may not be all that impressive in terms of actual size. Once finished, the turret support is connected to the large base plate, making the whole thing much more stable.

SAM Turret CoD (3)


This set comes with a single minifigure cast in the same colors as the Desert Troopers set and also shares the same molds, combined differently. I particularly like this head mold because it reminds me a little of a certain ninja commando we have seen in other line of action figures.


Articulation for this guy is the same as before, consisting of:


SAM Turret CoD (2)• Ball jointed head.

• Hinged peg shoulders.

• Hinged peg elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel waist.

• Ball jointed hips.

• Hinged knees.


As usual, there is not much to talk about regarding paint applications, as only the lenses and the headphones on the figure were painted black, but the deco is neatly applied and the overall color scheme works very well and I think the speckling in the plastic of the different construction elements adds a nice touch.

SAM Turret CoD (5)The Trooper here comes equipped with a tactical vest, a backpack, a pair of small pouches, a leg strap, a flashbang grenade and a modular assault rifle that can be broken down to stock, barrel, ammo magazine and grip.

The SAM Turret set is not as flashy as other similar-sized sets in this line, but I really enjoyed putting it together and I think it is a worthy add-on to a desert themed display.


SAM Turret CoD (7)

Errex Score: 89/100

SAM Turret CoD (8)

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