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artfx_superpowers_batman_siAlright. I don’t buy statues. I have a couple of things in my collection that might be termed statues, but I didn’t think about them that way when I bought them. However, when Scott recently reviewed the Kotobukiya ArtFX Super Powers Superman, Flash and Green Lantern on the Action Figure Blues Podcast. I found my self looking at them online. Okay, I was doing it while we were recording. Shh.

I was really intrigued by the Batman. Now I never collected any of the original Super Powers action figures. They came late in my youth toy days and it would have been all GI Joe at that point. But I found myself drawn to this version of the Gotham detective. And subsequently, I pre-ordered him.

What is it about this version? For me, this is the Batman from the comics that I knew as a kid. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a purist who says this is the be-all end-all Batman version. I just remember getting a Batman comic from a spinner rack at the gas station with this Batman. I remember Neal Adams Batman art turning up on all sorts of merchandise in my youth. This figure just really echoes the hero of that era. This is the Batman that was on my Avon hairbrush. This is the Batman that talked to me from my alarm clock in grade school.

I don’t normally talk much about packaging. but I really love the box that holds the reverse clamshell inside it. It is made to resemble an old worn Super Powers card. Actually, from the side it is made to look like three Super Powers cards. They nailed the nostalgia feel with this.


artfx_superpowers_batman_anThe sculpt is a slight bit more muscled that I would think for Batman, but not that it bothers me. Especially when considering that this a statue based on an action figure based on a comic character.

Yeah, this is based on the action figure. Sculpted into the figure are some articulation points. Well, faux articulation points. The hips and shoulders both have sculpted cuts. The figure is one piece. I think it might be assembled from multiple pieces, but it is now one piece. While I’d love to have this be an articulated figure, I’m not bothered by it. However, if you put it in a spot with other action figures like your desk at work, people will try and move it. The knees have a jointed sculpted into them as well, although it is mainly only visible from the back.

Of course, the back of the knees are covered by the cape. The cape is a soft goods piece made from a piece of spandex. It is fitted under the head piece and actually has some folds in it to make it look like a cape and not something just hanging off his neck. The bottom is appropriately scalloped, of course.

I’m not 100% sold on how this looks around the neck. The cape comes up on the back of his neck almost to his head. Because it a different material it doesn’t quite blend colorwise. But, after thinking about it, this is a statue of an action figure and that is more accurate to how that would look. It’s growing on me, but I’m guessing the effect is better on Superman.

artfx_superpowers_batman_caThe head is a narrowish Bats head with medium points to the ears. The expression is fairly neutral which is perfect for Bruce’s enigmatic nature. The paint on the flesh and white eyes is clean with no complaints. The one thing that folks have had issue with line is that they all seem to be looking down. I think here it plays to the strength of the figure. Probably, the pupil-less eyes help that, but he looks ready to kick ass.

The overall, pose is neutral as well. More like a museum pose. However each hand is in a fist, so there will be no aftermarket bat-a-rangs. He just looks like the Dark Knight that you would find standing at the end of an alley intimidating a punk.

The utility belt is cleanly painted and sculpted. The “bat prongs” on the gloves are equally nice. Even the Bat symbol is crisp and clean.


My one major complaint with the whole piece is there is a teal/blue dot on his right shoulder. Because it is blue on grey, it stands out a bit.
Overall, I’m pretty pleased. Robin was available at the same time. I didn’t order him, I prefer Robin with pants. I will say if Joker and Penguin come along, I would strongly consider them.

Engineernerd Score: 90/100


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  1. Errex says:

    He may be inspired by the Super Powers line, but I think the sculpt is way better than that on the original figures. The old Super Powers figures always looked rather chubby to me, but this Batman captures perfectly the Neal Adams style. Excellent review.