Vulture Attack (Call of Duty)

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Vulture Attack (9)The Vulture Attack set (#06872) was released by Mega Bloks for the Call of Duty line late in 2014, with just 59 pieces, among them the first K-9 minifigure ever. For the record, I have yet to play any of the modern Call of Duty games, so I am not sure if either the dog or the drone are actually featured there.

The set itself is a very easy build, consisting on a few blocks and rods stuck onto an arctic-looking baseplate. The Vulture Drone uses a couple of interesting pieces for the propellers and has some articulation to alter the position of the blades and the sensor arrays. The process of building it was not particularily satisfying because of the number of very tiny pieces invloved, but the end result looks pretty decent.
Vulture Attack (8)Vulture Attack (5)The star of the set, of course is the K-9 minifigure. The dog itself in nicely sculpted and it has a pretty decent amount of articulation on the legs, tail and head. The head is sculpted to show a set of straps meant to hold the neck protection, which is removable as well as the utility vest.
The extra gear fits nicely onto the dog minifigure, without getting in the way of the articulation. The vest piece has three hardpoints to attach extra pouches and supplies, but the one on the back is meant for some sort specialized gear.


Vulture Attack (4)The deco on the dog is simple, but effective. It has the characteristic German Shepherd pattern, applied with a subtle gradient from black to tan on the body and white socks on the paws. Although my minifigure has a small bald spot on the right flank, the vest covers it, so it is not much o a problem.


The K-9 unit is well scaled to go along the other CoD minifigures, although I feel that the set should have included at least one extra soldier, given the sparse number of pieces of this set.


Vulture Attack

Errex Score: 76/100

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