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May 16, 2016 | By More

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Since I was keeping myself spoiler-free in the weeks prior to the Episode VII premiere, one of the more mysterious figures I spotted at retail during that period was this Guavian Enforcer.


TFA Guavian Enforcer (10)The packaging did not explain a lot about this faceless, ominous character, other than being a gangster type equipped with heavy weaponry and high-impact armor.


The costume design consists of a military-looking jumpsuit with a pretty distinctive helmet design that makes a clone trooper helmet look friendly in comparison.


The Guavian Enforcer is sculpted in a relaxed, neutral pose that looks far from plain thanks to the nicely sculpted details on the costume, from the plethora of wrinkles and textures on the fabric parts to the gear and textures worked around the round faceplate.


TFA Guavian Enforcer (8)The movement at the shoulders is slightly limited by the upper torso armor piece, but the overall range is decent, considering the very basic articulation built into these figures, which consists of swivel arms and legs with a ball jointed neck.
This figure was molded from dark red plastic with a minimum of black paint applied to complete the costume. On the head, a slight amount of gunmetal silver was used to highlight the texture sculpted around the frontal plate, as well as a scratch that runs on the upper right side of the helmet.


The overall color scheme is quite effective and  simple but even so, there are a few missing spots and irregular edges on the legs, but these are not too evident at first glance.


The Guavian Enforcer comes armed with a gray blaster carbine and a much larger rifle molded in white plastic and decorated with purple highlights. While the smaller weapon is an accessory that actually appears in the movie, the larger one is actually the Build-A-Weapon piece included with this character.

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While I am still not too fond of the BAW scheme, at least his time around the included piece can actually be used by this figure without looking too silly and I think this Guavian Enforcer looks cool enough on his own to add him to my collection.

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Errex Score: 75/100

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