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June 8, 2016 | By More


As if your Chuck E. Cheese style nightmares weren’t already full, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 added a puppet. And actually, I think his Funko Mystery Mini form may be scarier than the game version.

In the game, the puppet is a tall, elongated limbed thing. Here it almost reminds me of a cross between the kid from Trick’r Treat and the puppet from the Saw films. Cute but off slightly enough to give you the creeps.


The puppet here looks more like a black bodied toddler with a mask. There are bands applied at the wrists and ankles to break up his out line a bit. There are three white buttons on the front of his jumpsuit(?). On mine one of these buttons has a small unpainted dot in it. It’s easy enough to touch up, but it does stand out as is.

The thing I find the most unsettling about the little due is his hands. There are three total fingers. This really gives him an otherworldly appearance to me. More like grippers than hands.

The face, of course, is the star of this piece. The white mask looks like it might be a separate piece, but I’m not 100% sure. It does look like a mask, though, since when seen from behind, it has an edge. The paint is applied cleanly enough here, and I really have no complaints.


Since I reviewed Foxy, I’ve managed to make it through the first two nights of the first game. Honestly, the game stresses me out enough, I’m not sure I want to play more. I feel like one of those people that use to spin plates on variety shows when I’m playing it. That said, I like the concept and the characters. Cute them in Mystery Mini form and I’ll probably keep buying them. I will say thought FNAF merchandise seems to fly off the shelves around these parts faster than free tokens at an eight year olds animatronically celebrated birthday party.

Engineernerd Score: 88/100


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