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AT-AT Microfighter (3)The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) is one of the more memorable vehicles from the Star Wars movies and even though I never got one as a kid, toy companies have been producing different versions suitable for any kind of space requirements one would have.


One of the more apt for the space-impaired among us is the 88-piece LEGO AT-AT Microfighter set (# 75075). Of course, this is a very stylized version of the lumbering assault vehicle.

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The building process is quick and well detailed in the instruction booklet. The AT-AT can be finished under 30 minutes at a leisurely pace and is immediately recognizable despite the flick-on projectile launchers added on top (because, you now, toys have to do something).


AT-AT Microfighter (5)The articulation on the vehicle is good, although you’ll notice that most movements are limited to one axis, going forth and back in one direction, which is fine by me considering the mechanical nature of the subject. And even so, you can get a number of fun poses out of this thing.


This set includes one AT-AT Driver minifigure, armed with a small black pistol. The Driver can ride atop the AT-AT and his head-piece is molded in a Caucasian flesh color with an angry face print.


AT-AT MicrofighterUnlike previous versions of the LEGO AT-AT Driver, the helmet is molded in light gray instead of white plastic, which also matches the color of the vest and the straps printed onto the minifigure body. The prints on both the legs and torso of the minifigure are neatly applied and very detailed.


So, in closing, I think the AT-AT Microfighter is one of the best vehicles featured in this LEGO line.


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Errex Score: 89/100

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