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One thing you can always count on in a Star Wars movie is that you’ll see a lot of aliens doing pretty mundane tasks, adding to the plausibility of the fictional universe, as it were.


Goss Toowers90 (4)In Star Wars Episode VII, we get introduced to another new alien species, the Shozer, of which Technician First Class Goss Toowers is a member.


We see Goss several times during the scenes in the D’Qar Resistance base, generally in the background while running diagnostics or moving equipment in the hangars.


The Hasbro action figure does a fine job of capturing the appearance of the on-screen costume, with the fairly rotund physique and the bulky clothing although the only really alien bit that can be seen is the upper half of the face, which reveals a slightly reptilian appearance.


Of course, if you pay close attention, you will also notice the figure to have three fingers on each hand, but that is something one would completely miss from the movie.


Goss Toowers90 (3)The overall sculpture is very detailed and features a very delicate texture imprinted all over the work clothes, as well as deep creases and wrinkles.


Articulation is the same five points we have been getting from this line, featuring a ball jointed head instead of a simple swivel. Given the character design, the legs cannot move up too much but Goss can still achieve a semblance of a sitting pose, even if his bulk will actually prevent him from fitting into most vehicles.


The paint job on my Goss Toowers figure is decent, although you can see some paint scratches and slop on the light yellow trim. The only thing I did not like was the metallic hue selected for the gloves, but I guess that I could paint them another color it if I really wanted to.


Goss Toowers90 (5)Goss comes armed with one of the new small blaster pistols from the new movie, mostly because action figures have to have guns so the kids will want to play with them, I guess. On the other side, the included Build-A-Weapon piece sort of makes more sense for the character, being essentially a large box that could pass as a power source or some other type of technical equipment.


This piece of plastic is decorated with dark green paint and has some sort of grip, as well as an adjustable bar that can be used as a support strut.


Even though Goss Toowers is not a character essential to the plot of the movie, I am quite pleased of adding him to my roster of background aliens with an actual job, alongside my Ughnaughts and Utais.

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Errex Score: 79/100

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