Han Solo (Episode 7)

August 9, 2016 | By More

Han Solo Ep7 (5)


Today we will take a look at the basic Han Solo action figure made by Hasbro from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Han Solo Ep7 (3)First off, the costume design is very similar to his Empire Strikes Back attire, which is fine by me as I think this is a practical, day-to-day look. The clothes seem noticeably looser hanging off him, but then again, Han was never one to go for the slim-fit look.


This time around, the torso jacket is a well-detailed, separate plastic piece and the torso underneath seems to be well proportioned. Han has a pistol holster sculpted onto the right thigh, but even though it is functional, the included gun slips out very easily.


Han Solo Ep7 (4)Han’s face sculpt is good and easily recognizable as an older Harrison Ford, although some of the facial features can appear a bit cartoon-like depending of your viewing angle.


Episode 7 Han comes with the basic five points of articulation (neck, shoulders, hips) and all of these work just fine.


The paintjob is fairly minimal, as most of the figure was molded in the final colors, although there are some extra details painted neatly enough.


About the only thing I can criticize regarding the deco on this figure is that they gave Han rather big eyes, which adds to the cartoony vibe this figure has at times.


Han Solo Ep7In fact the most painting done on this release is not on the action figure, but the included Build-A-Weapon piece. This time around, the BAW inclusion is actually a complete, individual weapon in the shape of a blaster rifle.


The weapon is painted in olive green and gunmetal gray with red accents. The rifle is nicely scaled to work with the 3.75-inch figures, and can be combined with the backpack harness from the Hassk Thug figure, although in this case I feel the pieces are better off kept separate.


In closing, this version of Han Solo is an overall good figure to get. Han is nicely sculpted and the included gimmick piece is actually nice too, so it is easy to overlook the eye-size issue.

Han Solo Ep7 (6)

Errex Score: 81/100

Han Solo Ep7 (2)



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