Iron Spider vs Electro

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PS Iron Spider VS Electro

I was shopping for groceries the other day when a bright flash of color caught my eye behind the counter. It was the Iron Spider vs Electro 2-pack from the Playskool Marvel superheroes line by Hasbro.


PS Iron Spider (2)The Iron Spider figure is perhaps the less exciting element in the set, since this is a Spider-Man mold that is constantly used, but the Iron Spider color scheme is really nice and very well applied. The only downside is that it lacks the extra appendages normally associated with this version of the wall-crawler.


Electro, on the other hand, features brand new molds for the head and hands. The limbs and head of Electro are molded in translucent yellow plastic, with lightning spikes sculpted on them.


PS Electro PHCElectro’s legs are painted in a glossy, green color matching the hue of the plastic used for the torso, and he has a pair of crossed lightning bolts cleanly painted over the chest.


Articulation on both figures is on par with the line standard, consisting on peg& hinge shoulders and swivels for neck, wrists and hips. Only one hand on each figure is shaped in a grip, with electro featuring a punchy right hand and Iron Spidey a web-shooting left.


PS Iron SpiderI was actually pretty pleased with the paintjob on both figures from this set, as more often than not, one has to settle for the pack with the one well-painted character of interest, regardless of how the secondary character came out.

PS Electro (2)


Errex Score: 80/100PS Electro (3)


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