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I know Fox’s Gotham isn’t for all the Batman fans out there. I was skeptical at first, but the show won me over. This is Jim Gordon’s story for the most part. Once you kind of put yourself in an “Elseworlds” frame of mind, you can accept it.

It helps that Mrs. Nerd has enjoyed it as well. Well, maybe in the case of this Pop, it helped a whole bunch. More on that later.

Selina is street urchin about Bruce’s age on the show. Seeing them together at this age before they become their alter ego’s really setups their complicated relationship in the future. Because her background is the street, she’s dressed in a vagabond outfit.


This version is dressed pretty much head to toe in black. She has definite punk feel about her. Leather jacket, leggings and boots. The leggings are ripped with thermals showing through and boots are clunk things. The silver zippers are the main bit of color on this figure.

The hands have fingerless gloves on. She needs that nimble manual dexterity for breaking into stuff. Okay, maybe it just looks cool. The paint suffers here because as every one knows, black isn’t the easiest color to paint a really light color over.



The head is what sells any Pop! Vinyl figure. Selina isn’t an exception. As Scott said recently on the Action Figure Blues podcast, it’s amazing how a face with so few features can capture a likeness. To help with that, Selina gets her face framed by light brown curls spilling out from under her hood. She also gets some eye lashes on the typical round Pop eyes. Top it off with some very determined eye brows and it brings the character’s attitude out.

The head is finished off with the steam punk goggles that were Selina’s trademark in the first season of the show. They are painted well enough and perched high on her head to give her that mock cat ear look.

For those worried about the tiny little feet. Have no worries. Selina comes with a big clear disc stand. I surprised myself when I didn’t use it for any of the pictures. However, long term shelf display would be best with it.

Now, back to Mrs. Nerd for a minute. Every time I’ve passed this Pop!, I’ve seen a little Mrs. Nerd standing there. The face and hair really remind me of her. When I showed her, she agreed. So while I like Gotham and Selina, I bought this more as a little representation of my lovely lady. While the costume might not be exactly something she would wear, the face reads completely as her. It is like she is staring back at me from the desk.


Now she may not be the most exciting Pop! that I have. She my not be everyone’s favorite version of the character. She won’t win any Toy of the Year awards. I’m okay with that. To have a little version of Mrs. Nerd on my desk, is priceless to me.

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