Admiral Ackbar (Episode 7)

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ep7-ackbar-4Another old acquaintance that makes a return appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Admiral Ackbar.


In the new movie, Ackbar wears a much more discreet uniform than the white he had in Return of the Jedi. Instead, this time around the Mon Cal Admiral is seen sporting pretty sensible garments to go around on the ground, tailored to fit his particular biology.


ep7-ackbar-5The uniform is well sculpted, but I find the design to be rather bland, consisting of pants, boots, a light cream tunic and a burnt orange vest; I have always felt that the interesting bits on this character are precisely his alien features and not necessarily his attire so, I can overlook the boring uniform.


Ackbar’s portrait is every bit as good as one could hope, with the added bonus of an articulated mouth. This of course, prevents the implementation of any type of neck joint, but I think it is a fun action feature and all things considered, Ackbar still has the five points of articulation, even if the neck was replaced with a mouth hinge.


ep7-ackbar-6Ackbar’s hands are sculpted in a very familiar fashion, but I find that the grip on his right claw is rather loose to hold the included weapon. The left hand is just for show, I’m afraid, as it was sculpted open and unable to grab anything.


Ackbar comes armed with one of those new blaster rifles favored by the Resistance, as well as a harness piece included for the Build-A-Weapon gimmick. This BAW piece resembles a personal propulsion device and works well with the figure. This piece is made from the same dark gray plastic used for the rifle and painted in silver and metallic blue.


ep7-ackbar-8The paint on Ackbar is very well applied, with the more interesting operations applied on the head. He has his warm yellow eyes and shows subtle skin marks on both head and forearms.


Even though Ackbar had a limited role in the new movie, his latest action figure certainly is not one to pass up.



Errex Score: 82/100


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