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Yk2so_fronteah, I think you guys know that I’m a recovering Star Wars collector. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a figure that warranted buying to me. Not to say everything is a bad figure out there, I just don’t need more Vaders, Lukes, Stormtroopers, etc…. I’ve even passed on all of the Force Awakens stuff. That said, I’ve always loved droids and couldn’t resist picking up K-2SO. 

Normally, I’d give you some of my thoughts on the character here. However, I don’t really know much besides what I’ve seen in the trailer. He’s a droid that the Rebels use to infiltrate Imperial facilities. That’s it. 

I do love this design. It’s what caused me to pick him up. For starters, he’s he really tall. I kind of dig that. Add lanky arms and legs, and K2 really starts to evoke a McQuarrie type feel. 

The first thing I noticed on this guy, that I hadn’t realized before was his elbows and knees are a bit unusual. They actually have holes through them. It’s a neat design feature that sets him a apart from most of the droids we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe. Since this is a limited articulation figure, these joints don’t move. Honestly at 3.75″ scale, that may be very difficult to achieve as a working joint. 

Those joints are accented with some silver paint. They actually pull of a pretty good job of making it look like wear and tear where it should be. K2 should have more wear that he this figure has, but I’ll allow it. The majority of the figure is basic black with just a couple accents, like the Imperial orange around his shoulders. 
Looking at his chest he has a sort of Snowtrooper armor feel, and his back has the O|| from the back of the Stormtrooper armor. There are a couple of small antenna done in rubber that have been added to his back, as well. I suspect, besides the black, this is what helps give him an Imperial look. 

Wk2so_sadith a droid, simple articulation never surprises me. A lot time, it makes sense. K-2SO was a surprise, though. His elbows and shoulders are ball joints. This gives him just a bit more freedom than a standard 5 POA figure. Especially with the hip joints. They let you spread his legs a bit to be able to get those thin legs to hold him up. I wish they had gotten just a slight bit more range out of the elbows, though.

Speaking of ball joints, there are six on this figure. The extra two are in his neck, one at his head and one at the body with the neck piece between them. Similar to an SH Figurart figure, this gives his head a lot of freedom that really can give K2 some expression. I’m suspecting this may be used the same way in the film to give the droid a bit of personality. 








He also gets an accessory. Some sort of grapple pack. It’s spring loaded and retracts. Being it’s black and trimmed in orange, it looks Imperial. It would also not look out of place with Batman. The string is very short, so I really can’t see a use for it. 








The film isn’t out yet, so there’s only so much I can say at this point. I suspect K-2SO will be popular with kids for sure. As for me, I’m happy I got a cool new droid for my collection. I’m more excited for this film than TFA, so I suspect I might be picking up some of his Rebel companions in the near future as well. 

Engineernerd Score 85/100


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