Whorm Loathsom

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Whorm Loathsom

Whorm Loathsom (6)General Whorm Loathsom was one of the new characters featured in the Clone Wars feature film, back in 2008. Loathsom is a kerkoiden; an alien species developed for the computer-generated images used for both the movie and the TV series that followed.


Based on this particular character, one could infer that male kerkoidens tend to have a massive upper torso and a thick neck supporting a very large, long head.


As an action figure, Whorm Loathsom reflects his onscreen appearance perfectly, although his articulation design had to be tailored to work with his unusual body proportion. General Loathsom has:


Whorm Loathsom (5)• Ball jointed head.

• Ball jointed neck.

• Pin & disk shoulders.

• Pin & disk elbows.

• Swivel waist.

• Swivel hips.


The neck and head articulation provide a very useful range of motion for subtly nuanced poses, while the rest of the upper torso articulation was pretty much the standard for the line back in 2008.


Whorm Loathsom (9)One thing to commento on, is that his legs lack knee and ankle joints; even though this may be seen as a design failure, it is in fact a very smart way to ensure a proper amount of stability for this figure, considering his unusual body type.


Whorm Loathsom has a really nice color palette consisting in a couple shades of blue and ochre, with tiny extra details painted in contrasting colors. Of these, I like particularly the pupils and the mottled skin marks on his head.


Loathsom wears an ornate piece of armor on his shoulders, made from flexible plastic and with a small peg to attach it to the figure’s back. This accessory comes decorated with the crest of the Confederacy of Independent Systems as well as a a curved-line pattern applied along the collar.


Whorm Loathsom (3)General Loathsom comes armed with a small blaster pistol as well as a spring-loaded projectile launcher. None of these pieces has any deco on them, and both work well with the figure.


Even though Whorm Loathsom barely made a couple additional appearances during the run of the Clone Wars TV series, I think his action figure is still one of the coolest alien designs in my collection.

Whorm Loathsom (4)

Errex Score: 85/100

Whorm Loathsom (7)

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