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December 9, 2016 | By More


wolf_frontIt’s well know I like retro figures and cheap figures. If I find both at the same time, it’s really hard to resist. I found The Wolf from Pulp Fiction at a Tuesday Morning for $3. I almost bought both of them had I was so tickled. 

As you may, remember Winston Wolf is called in to clean up Jules and Vincent’s mess in the car. He’s a problem solver. A cleaner. 

Now, I figured a vintage styled figure in a tuxedo could fit in a few different displays. Surprisingly, given the number of tuxes we see in film, there weren’t really and vintage figures in them. 

Like most of the ReActions, the likeness isn’t great. If you squint, you might see Harvey Keitel. You might not. Without context, it’s a guy in a tux with a pencil thin mustache. 

This figure has one of those things that both annoyed me and facinated me as a kid. A bent arm. Vintage 12-back Han Solo had one and with a gun he looked cool. The Wolf doesn’t have a gun or use on in the film. So why the bent arm? It’s the natural way to hold his accessory, a coffee cup.



wolf_backWinston prefers his extra sugar, extra cream. It’s not a perfect replica of the cup in the film, but close than most vintage accessories were.  Because of the small mug handle, his hand hold is very small. 

The paint work is about what you expect on a ReAction. Not perfect, but not horrible for the style either. Most of the figure is black, so what paint is there is minimal. The face really has that vintage Kenner look down.



My original thought is he would look good in among my vintage Indiana Jones figures. A different head he could be a stand in for Brody. He would look great with a number of different vintage lines. The Shadow, Adventure People, etc… My favorite idea would be as a vintage stand in for Alfred to Mego Batman. Not a great figure, not a terrible figure, but one that would make a nice little oddity in the collection. 

Engineernerd Score: 75/100. 



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  1. Errex says:

    That is actually quite a nice , generic looking figure. Might keep an eye out for him in my next trip downtown.