First Order Flametrooper (Jedi Force)

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jf-flametrooperI really like the stylized format Hasbro uses for their Playskool action figures. In the case of the Jedi Force segment, they recently started offering single characters with action features built in them, like this First Order Flametrooper.


It took almost a year before seeing any Episode VII characters made in this line, so it struck me as odd that they’d go with a character such as the Flametrooper for the singles assortment, but I do think his design ports quite nicely into this format.


jf-flametrooper-3This shrunken-down trooper features all of the distinguishing traits from the larger versions, although the figure itself is designed to be an almost generic trooper with the usual articulation we expect from this line, namely:


• Swivel head.

• Pin & disk shoulders.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel hip.


jf-flametrooper-5Of course, both legs are molded as a single piece but both hands are sculpted empty, which is a fairly uncommon trait in this line, although it makes sense considering that this Flametrooper comes with a separate weapon.


The action feature for this toy is actually built into the flamethrower, it being a spring-loaded launcher that fires a bolt of “flame” at the press of a button.


The body of the weapon swivels freely at the grip, which is connected to the backpack canisters with a fairly thick hose. The length of the hose dictates that the weapon should always be held in the left hand.


jf-flametrooper-6The backpack itself can be clipped to the Flametrooper’s back and is heavy enough to help the figure stand while brandishing the weapon.


The paint job on this Flametrooper is quite neat, but limited to black accents representing the more flexible bits of the uniform and a few thin lines on the armor and accessories. The flame bolt is made from translucent orange/red plastic with a subtle gradient.


While this version of the Flametrooper may not be everybody’s cup of tea, I find it really quirky and fun.




Errex Score: 81/100


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