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When it comes to Star Wars: Rebels action figures, Hasbro has been rather inconsistent in their release. The first few characters were sold within the 2015 Saga Legends assortment, either individually or in 2-packs.


fifth-brother-4Some of those figures were also re-issued in the Episode VII line but only recently we got to actually see new characters such as this Fifth Brother Inquisitor from the later waves of figures sold in Star Wars: The Force Awakens packaging.


The Fifth Brother has the standard five points of articulation and is a fairly tall, bulky character; he’s decked in a gray jumpsuit with a few black armor plates added and a non-removable, wide-brimmed helmet.


fifth-brother-5Even though the uniform does have some ornamental patterns engraved on the front, I find the overall appearance of this Inquisitor to be a bit simplistic. Perhaps the sculpt adheres too closely to the animation model, but the overall look is rather plain and the broad, monolithic face does little to alleviate this issue.


fifth-brother-2The figure was sculpted in a neutral stance, but both wrists are slightly bent in such a way that the Fifth Brother cannot grasp his double bladed lightsaber without risking shaving part of his lower legs. Furthermore, the pauldrons really restrict the arc his arms can move.


The paintjob is generally clean and proper, although the color selected for the skin of the character is way too dull. Paired with the face sculpt it is hard to make out any distinguishing feature from a distance as the white eyes tend to be lost amidst the grayish green surrounding them.


Ififth-brother-6n addition to the lightsaber, the Fifth Brother comes equipped with a Build-A-Weapon piece shaped like a tool with a giant clamp. The clamp actually opens and closes, and the figure can stand unassisted while holding the accessory, although I personally don’t see much play value in it.


Sadly, when combined with the other two corresponding BAW pieces (from Ackbar and Tasu Leech, respectively), the finished piece doesn’t make much more sense, especially since the harness can only be worn by Ackbar and similarly proportioned characters.


In the end, unless you are a Star Wars: Rebels completist, there is not a lot going for me to recommend purchasing the Fifth Brother. I don’t regret having this figure in my collection, but to be honest, I am certainly not thrilled by it.



Errex Score: 65/100




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