One:12 Collective The Punisher: Weapons (Part 2)

March 18, 2017 | By More

Frank Castle is a bit of an anomaly in a universe where the heroes can shoot webs, have unbreakable skin, or can envelop themselves in flame. He’s just a dude. And a dude fighting hand to hand isn’t going to cut. So The Punisher tends to favor all manner of weapons. Since a good portion of his time is spent fighting the mob and normal dudes, this work out well. 

First up, a combat knife. I never leave home without a pocket knife. Of course, I don’t have a large sheathed knife in the middle of my back. The sheath holds it securely. The only surprise here is that they didn’t go with a boot knife. 

The knife itself is pretty well done. The blade is silver and has a black handle with silver screws. It looks like a pretty typical knife of this style the blade has a bottle opener built in which is a nice touch, as is the lanyard hole in the end of the handle. Frank doesn’t have a specific knife hand, but it fits well in the trigger finger hand.

The next stage in personal armament is a pistol. This figure comes with a black and silver detail 1911 style pistol. This pistol comes with two magazines. Because this is a personal weapon, it would have been nice to see a holster for it. 

The magazines slide in and out of the pistol fairly secure. The pistol is detailed very nicely and the paint is clean. 

I do wonder if this is the kind of pistol that Frank would carry. While a standard military sidearm for a long time, there are a number of handguns with the same accuracy and higher capacity. This silver on the end of the barrel and the large basepads on the magazines give this weapon a competition style look that would seem to veer away from the practicality that the Punisher would want.  

Next level up, a MP5 sub-machine gun. Again, two magazines are included. Which is great, but I wish the figure had storage on his body for them. Compared to the pistol, this gun seems a lot less flashy. At least I thought that until I looked at some MP5 pictures. This is pretty much what an MP5 looks like. There’s some silver wear painted here and there. This gives the gun the looks of something that may have been thrown under a car seat or in a duffel bag. 

I was perplexed about the little nubbin on the back end of the gun instead of a stock. Turns out this is a mount for sling attachment, as is the piece right under the muzzle. I almost wonder if this gun was suppose to have a sling. It would have been nice to be able to hang it on the figure. Cost cutting measure maybe? I may try to rig something at some point. 

Dual pistols seem to be common place in pop culture these days. Since they didn’t include holsters, I would have rather have seen either two pistols or two SMGs. They look fine together, but there is plenty of art out there of Frank with doing doing the double fisted thing with pistols. 

Where the silver highlights looks good on the MP5, I don’t think they work as well on the AR platform rife. I think this is more in the SCAR family based on the detailing (lack of detail for the ejector port, ejector port cover, style of stock…). There are a ton of modular pieces out there for these rifles, so they tend to look a a little more broken up in finish than this one does. For being his main gun, I really would have like to have seen some more detailing in the paint and sculpt here. The scope could use some color on the lens, for example. 

The styling on the two magazines is reminds me more of the polymer versions, yet we still have silver dry brushing. Again, it would have been  nice to maybe have some slight color variation in the magazines compared to the body of the gun. One paint detail present on the magazines for all the weapons is they each have the top round painted in brass. I didn’t expect this, but it is a very nice touch when you don’t have them loaded. 

Now, in the very bottom picture, I only show one of the mags for this rifle. There are two with the figure. However, these do not want to stay firmly loaded in the gun and tend to fall out with a slight bump. I had lost one before I took the picture. It was eventually found, but it is a hassle, as this is the gun I was intending to display him with. 

Yeah, I know there is a deluxe version of this figure that comes with more guns. Including a sniper rifle. However, it would have been nice to have see an accessory silencer/suppressor included for at least one of these guns. I’d have actually traded the extra magazines for them. Particularly, for the pistol. Frank is a one man show and knows that stealth can work to his advantage sometimes. 

Of course, there are times when you don’t want stealth and want to make a big boomy entrance. For that we have a grenade launcher. Essentially a revolver for grenades, this appears to be an M32A1. I can’t quite find a reference for the colors, but it does look cool. The back rotates to give you access to the cylnder for loading and unloading the six included rounds. The rounds are painted with some brass type details. I was perplexed by the pivot in the stock at first, but this appears to be legit to be able to get a higher angle to fire the weapon on. 

Again, I would have liked to have seen a little paint on the lens of the optic. It would have added a bit of realism. Also, the hole in the end of the barrel should be just a bit deeper. 

That pretty much sums it up for Mr. Castle’s weapons. However, we still haven’t covered everything in the box yet. There’s plenty of goodies left to look at in Part 3!

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