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Even before seeing the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie, I was quite excited about getting new toys associated with it, and one of the first I bought is this Sergeant Jyn Erso (Eadu) figure, from Hasbro’s basic 3.75-inch line.


Hasbro has become very careful about potential spoilers when it come to releasing toys before a movie hits theaters, but nonetheless, there was at least one thing that could be surmised from this particular figure and the packaging picture.


Apparently Eadu is a planet with a fairly wretched weather, as this version of Jyn Erso comes attired with a poncho, a cap and also a re-breather (which doesn’t seem to be a must-have at all times, but the figure carries one anyways).


This figure is on the small side of things and the sculpture captures the petite proportions of this character quite well. The garments look suitably bulky and wrinkled, and there is a fair amount of sculpted detail on the gear Jyn carries on herself. The face sculpt is rather simplistic, but it does provide a passable Felicity Jones’ likeness.


Articulation is basic, but it goes a little bit beyond the standard five points of articulation Hasbro used nowadays for these figures with:


• Ball jointed head.

• Swivel shoulders.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel hips.


Articulation works well as intended, except for the left arm, because the bit of poncho hanging over the shoulder limits the range of movement a little bit, and the re-breather canister glued to her belt prevents the arm from going straight down.


The paint job is minimal on Jyn, as most of the parts are molded in the appropriate plastic colors, but what little paint there is, it is neatly applied with particular attention to detail on the head.


As far as weapons, Jyn is armed with a small silver blaster pistol she can carry in a holster sculpted onto her right leg and a large spring-loaded projectile launcher instead of the Build-A-Weapon piece from Hasbro’s TFA line.


The re-breather mask cannot really be put on her face, as the strap is too long and clearly meant to have the piece dangling from her neck. As mentioned, the canister piece seems to be glued to the body, and I would not risk trying to pull it off.


Overall, Sergeant Jyn Erso in her Eadu attire is a pretty decent action figure that certainly delivers on both collectability and playability.


Errex Score: 80/100 





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