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Back in 2009, Hasbro made a Dressellian Commando action figure as part of the fourth wave of red-carded Legacy Collection figures, but it was not up until the end of the previous iteration of The Vintage Collection a few years later that we got to see an update for Orrimaarko, a.k.a. Prune Face from the vintage Kenner days.

Why do I mention that other figure (Major Panno)? Well, it is because Orrimaarko here is essentially a repaint of that very same body mold and a new unique head sculpt.

Prune Face wears standard Rebel Alliance Spec Ops fatigues, not very different from what we would see other commandos wear later on in the Rogue One movie: forest green cargo pants, an off-white long sleeve shirt and a short, white vest, all covered with a light tan hooded cloak made of fabric, with a couple of simulated pockets sawn over the chest.

The details sculpted on the clothes are very good, as the folds and wrinkles look quite natural, even though most of it ends up hidden under the fabric cloak.

The cloak is well stitched and even the hood drapes correctly for the scale, and even the hood looks nice covering Orrimaarko’s face which, by the way, looks fantastic with all the deep creases and wrinkles that characterize these aliens, as well as the eye patch that sets this character apart from his brethren.

Articulation on Orrimaarko is the same as it was on the previous release of this body mold, consisting of:

• Ball jointed neck.

• Pin &disk shoulders.

• Pin & disk elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel waist.

• Swivel hips.

• Pin & disk knees.

• Pin & disc ankles.

All of the articulation points work just fine, even though some of them feel slightly loose on my figure, just not enough to actually represent a problem while posing it.

As usual, most of the pieces that conform Orrimaarko are molded in the final plastic color, therefore most paint operations are neatly done and limited to small accents and details on his gear and uniform.

As an interesting touch, the fabric cloak itself was given a subtle camouflage effect by airbrushing a tiny amount of reddish brown paint onto it, producing a nice dusty effect.

In terms of accessories, Prune Face has almost the same as Major Panno: the fabric cloak, a small black/white comlink/sonic screwdriver cylinder and a double-barreled blaster carbine made from metallic gray plastic.

However, this time around Orrimaarko comes with a Dressellian projectile rifle instead of  a pair of goggles. This rifle looks like it was probably a leftover WW2 movie weapon prop.

I never had the original Kenner Prune Face figure and even though I did get the POTF2 release, the whole nostalgia factor is nowhere near as strong on me as it is with other characters from the Original Trilogy, but I have to say that I am extremely pleased to have The Vintage Collection Orrimaarko in my shelf.

Errex Score: 94/100


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