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Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

It is no secret that a good number of my action figure purchases are directly inspired by the video games I indulge upon.

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Name That...Accessory

Name That…Car Thingee

Name That…Car Thingee

This looks like the front of a very strange car.

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Star Wars Reviews

Mara Jade

Mara Jade

Even though Black Series Mara Jade is still a pretty decent action figure, it is also the first Star Wars figure I have ever bought, whose purchase owes more to external reasons than to the actual merits of the figure.

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Name That...Shadow

Name That…Not ACDC

Name That…Not ACDC

No this is not a school boy uniformed guitar player. Even though this shadow has his legs.

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AFB Podcast / Audio Name That

The AFB Podcast Episode 162: Kotobukiya ArtFX Robin / Spock Toy History

The AFB Podcast Episode 162: Kotobukiya ArtFX Robin / Spock Toy History

Episode 162 of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

This week, join John, Scott, Eddie and Adam for all of the latest news and reviews!

This week, our Toy of the Week is the ArtFX Robin Statue from Kotobukiya

Then for our discussion in a listener suggested segment, we pay tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy by giving Star Trek‘s Spock the Toy History Treatment. 

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News Covered in this Episode

  1. PlayArts Kai Variavt Storm Trooper and Boba Fett – submitted by filistyne on reddit
  2. Arrow & Flash Funko Pop - submitted by cilbert on reddit
  3. Kotobukiya ArtFX Classic Green Lantern – submitted by timtamtommy2 on reddit
  4. Marvel Collector Corps International Shipping Announced – submitted by drewnowski on reddit

Spock Toy History Items



Pilot episode (The collar is different on the uniform)

New Film, 3.75” Old and Young
New  Film 6” Old and young
New Film 12” Old and Young
New Film 6” Cadet trainer grey (unreleased but produced – extremely rare )


DST/Art Asylum
Mirror Spock
Horta version Select

No man has gone before two pack (Yellow turtle neck )
Ultimate Spock ¼

Donetello as Spock Turtles Playmates


Statues / Busts

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Watcher (Halo 4)

Watcher (Halo 4)

One of the figures released in Series 1 of McFarlane Toys Halo 4 line was the Promethean Watcher, which I’ll be reviewing today.

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Elite Ranger (Halo 4)

Elite Ranger (Halo 4)

In Halo 4 all of the Covenant troop types got a facelift to make them more “modern” therefore, the action figures manufactured by McFarlane Toys also reflect the new aesthetic.

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Name That…Blocky

Name That…Blocky

This figure looks like a giant block.

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Name That…Cupcake

Name That…Cupcake

I know my obsession is donuts. I do enjoy a good cupcake, though.

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Hyperion (Infinite Series)

Hyperion (Infinite Series)

I am not a fan of the Hyperion character. I’ve already bought the 6-inch Marvel Legends figure that came out with the Hit Monkey wave mostly because of the Build-A Figure parts, but I was certainly was not expecting to see a 4-inch version of that character anytime soon.

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