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Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Review

My guess is there are a bunch of kids that grew up with the new trilogy scratching their head over this one. I’d guess even a few folks that are older are wondering where this outfit came from. Since, as a much younger person, I had the “Star Wars Storybook”, I can tell you. There was a scene deleted from the original film that had Biggs on Tatooine. Biggs tells Luke he’s going to join the Rebellion against the Empire.

“The pod had landed on Tatooine not far from where Luke Skywalker was having an unexpected reunion with his friend Biggs. Biggs was on a visit from the Academy, and Luke wanted to hear all about it. The two friends talked and laughed for a while.

Then Biggs got serious. “Luke, I have to tell someone, and you’re my best friend. As soon as I get back, I’m going to join the Rebel Alliance.’

Luke was startled. Fun-loving ,happy go-lucky Biggs was going to be one of the Rebels! “You can’t do it, Biggs. You’ll never make contact with a Rebel unit. You’ll be captured by the Imperials. You’ll…”

“You don’t know how bad things are, kid;’ Biggs interrupted. “Only the threat of Rebellion keeps the Imperials from being even more evil. Out here on Tatooine, you don’t hear much about the terrible things the Empire does. The Rebellion is growing, and I want to fight for the side I believe in:’

The friends said a sad good-bye, Luke returning to the farm and Biggs going off to fight for his beliefs. Luke couldn’t remember ever feeling so alone.”

Some of you will remember Tosche Station that shows up on this Biggs’s coin as being the place where Luke was going to pick up power converters.


Well, there isn’t a lot to go on to tell if he looks like he did on screen. The picture above from the story book looks reversed left to right. The inset photo below matches the card art and figure. Overall, this looks like Biggs. It’s a simple outfit and matches fairly close.

The paint difference between the legs the boots is a bit odd. The picture makes it look like they are both the same material. The holster is a bit plain, I wish I had a picture that showed the actual one. Also, there appears to be a zipper or something missing from his left arm.

The cape is a soft goods cape. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of this one. It looks see-through all the time, and way the neck was done is a little too bulky. (You have to pop his head off to get the cape on and off.) Can somebody explain to me why you’d go out on Tatooine wearing a black cap and leather pants?

His head also seems a bit small to me, especially without the cape on. The hair is disheveled and the general likeness is good. With the cape off the neck is too long.

Once again, the elbow joints look a little freaky. The shoulder don’t match up as well as we’ve seen on other figures. If this is how all the elbows are going to look with this design, I think I’d rather see them go back to the cut design.


Is this a fun figure? Maybe. If you are looking to fill out some of the Rebel ranks. Or take up space in the Cantina. I could actually see more of these ending up as customs than being displayed as is.

The thing I don’t get is, where are his knees? When I picked him, I hadn’t noticed that he didn’t have knees. My original plan for the picture at the bottom of the page was to setup the picture above. So, here we have a character shown with a bent knee, but we can’t pose him that way.

Accessory-wise, Biggs has three. A tiny pistol, that even Greedo would laugh at. The cape mentioned above. Lastly, the usual coin. I have to say that this is probably the worst of the coins I’ve got so far. If I saw the picture depicted with out the text, I don’t think I could tell you who it is.

I also think there is an accessory missing. If Luke didn’t come with binoculars, this Biggs should have. If I recall right the comic version of the movie shows them both looking at the “space battle” through them.


You know it could be another thirty years before we see another version of this Biggs. I really wish I could say he’s a fantastic figure, not just so-so. Just putting out a mediocre figure because we’ve never seen him before, isn’t cool. I’d rather be wowed and have my collecting interest piqued. The more mediocre figures I see, the more likely I am to pick and choose which ones I get.

Engineernerd Score: 80/100

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ar Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Review

ar Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Review

ar Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Reviewar Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Reviewar Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Review

ar Wars Action Figures®, Biggs Darklighter®, Action Figure Review

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  1. JD says:

    There were like six people in the world that were happy this snazzy white jacket version of Biggs got a figure in the Anniversary line. I was was one of those people.