Transformers Legends Class Autobot Jazz

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Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review

I’m not normally one to jump on the band wagon, but I was intrigued a bit with this one. I’ve never been a huge Transformer’s fan. GI Joe was bigger in my house. I’m an Air Force brat, and leaned towards the military things. However, as a kid, we had some kids in grade school with a parent
that had been stationed in Japan right before coming to our base. Those kids had transforming toys and robots long before I remember seeing them on our shelves.When I saw this guy at Walgreen’s the other day, I thought it might be cool to check out. I’d never had any Transformers of my own as a kid. I did have one GoBot, though. So, I picked him to check out something I’d passed on as a kid.


First of all, I want to say this package caught my eye. The rounded bubble stands out in a sea of square blisters. The graphics are eye catching as well. I’m sure the size and price point of these guys is to lure parents into the trap. I paid around $5 at Walgreens. Which if you’re going to get a bunch is more attractive than the $10-15 dollar price on their bigger cousins.

Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review

In the blister he looks alike arobot. Obviously, from the grill on his chest his car mode
is a Pontiac. In car mode (Pontiac Solstice), he’s quite a bit bigger than the Hot Wheels size I thought he’d be. (As an aside, whoever thought “Hot Wheels” was a good enough movie
concept to finance, please don’t make any more decisions while drinking.)

Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review

I have to say I was less than impressed with the car mode. Rolling wheels are cool, but a
cool ride needs cool rims. The rest of the car mode detail is fairly soft. The grill is painted in but the headlights aren’t. The little curb feelers in the front look very out of place as well.

Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review

Bot mode doesn’t fair much better. Especially, when see the big Phillips head screw in the middle of
his back. I was going to say something about the Autobot logo on his athletic supporter, but since there was a version of the toy that way, I ain’t going to touch it. The grill in bot mode is more detailed, but not painted in. (I haven’t seen the film, so maybe that’s correct.) Also, there
is a painted Pontiac logo visible in this mode.

Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review

The couple of things that bug me the most are: The fact that the bot mode doesn’t seem as
“organic” as the film versions. It’s more like somewhere between the toy line and film. The second issue is the chest piece for the roof of the car. This looks like some hillbilly hauling an extra bumper home from the junk yard. Again, maybe it’s in the film, but I highly doubt it.


The thing is anything that’s robot and a car is going to be fun by it’s very nature. I used to remember jokes from back in the day about kids being able to switch the modes on their Transformer’s and their parents couldn’t. Well, I had to look at the directions. I was close and would
have got. Once I understood, however, I can get it every time. (Even at 30 something I can still learn new tricks.)

Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review

I was very disappointed in the arms of this guy. They are more like decorative pieces attached to the doors. But then, the ball jointed hips were kinda cool. No missile launchers or guns here. Just a robot that turns into a car.

Transformers®, Autobot®, Jazz, Action Figure Review


I’ve been fascinated with the Transformers I have seen since becoming an engineer. It takes a lot of
planning and creativity to work out the details of the kind that let them transform. On top of that, it’s got to look cool in both modes.

I have to say this guy falls short in both departments. For a five dollar Transformer, maybe he’s
okay. I know he’s one that younger child could play with and wouldn’t be concerned about his looks or transformation. But, for the ‘slightly’ older connoisseur out there, I’d say don’t try to cheap out. Get the bigger version. I wish I had for my first Transformer.

Engineernerd Score: 75/100

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