5 Things I Hope Season 6 of “Lost” Answers

January 24, 2010 | By More

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Mrs. Nerd and I have watched “Lost” since the premier episode. We got sucked into the story just like that guy standing in front of the jet engine in that episode. We have been watched our favorite characters delve deeper into the mysteries of the Dharma Initiative, island, and the other castaways. With the fifth season being the pre-determined end to the “lostee’s” adventures, there’s a few things I hope they answer.

1.  What’s with the Statue? Or should I say foot with wrong number of toes. Some folks are adding to the mystery by pointing out a recent Lost publicity photo showed Faraday missing the same foot. I’m guessing the answer to how the statue got to the island and how the ancient Egyptian built the pyramids is one in the same. The foot has been showing up in recent commercials, so I’m hopeful we will get to learn more about it and maybe see it’s destruction.

2. Smoke monster? All I really want to know is how it works. Black smoke comes out of the ground and caries folks off. Obviously, we now know this is not a Dharma thing. Voodoo? I have no clue on this one. I always remember hearing chains and mechanical noise when it was close by. Even with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I can’t explain mechanical smoke. The black smoke was another thing shown in recent commercials, so again I’m hopeful for an explanation.

3. Will anybody live? Lost has been one of those rare shows were you have no idea who will live and who will die. Fans have been shocked by a number of deaths of major characters during the course of the show. Watching poor Charlie die was one of the most heart wrenching moments in the series. Although with all the time travel going on, I have to wonder if some of these deceased characters will make an appearance in final episodes in a living condition.

4. Will it all be resolved? I have my doubts about this one. While the shows creators are promising to wrap the series up in a manner that will satisfy fans, I have my doubts. The show has continuously layered mysteries on top of unanswered questions. Considering there are still open ended questions from the first season, I just can’t see it all getting wrapped up.

5. What happened to the pilot? Early on the pilot of the plane was snatched by a giant invisible monster. If it was the smoke monster, wouldn’ the pilot still be somewhere on the island? This giant monster seemed to roam about the island striking terror into the castaways for the first season. However, since then we really haven’t seen or heard from it. With Greg Grunberg on NBC now, his return seems unlikely, but maybe we will find out what the giant invisible monster really was. (Alright, I’ve been correct by several sources. My memory failed me, he’s dead.)

I am also hopeful for the return of  “Lost Untangled” on the ABC website. The little funny toycentric clips were how I revisited the previous weeks episode before watching the new one. Just can’t get enough of the Untangled Hurley saying, “Dude.”

Before the new season start, check out the Untangled Recap here.

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  1. dcr says:

    The showed the statue, intact, in the early scenes with Jacob, which I would guess would have been in the 1700’s or 1800’s. Don’t remember if they ever gave a definitive date or a stronger indication of the period.

    I don’t remember if the statue was intact or not when they were back 30 years in the past. If it was intact, perhaps the bomb is what destroyed it? If it wasn’t intact, well, then we may not get to see what destroyed it.