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jawa_secdroid_frontFrequent visitors to the site will know that I have a soft spot for Jawas. I think the pint sized scavengers just captured my imagination when I was a kid and didn’t let go.

Frequent readers will also know that I like figures that are able to sit. With this most recent Jawa release we get a combination that’s part soft goods and able to do just that.

But, since Hasbro likes to pair their Jawa’s with droids, this little dude has what I believe is the last unmade droid in the “Purchase of the Droids” scene.


The modern Jawas have all been pretty well executed. None have been straight up repaints of the one that came before. That kind of sublte variation is welcome when you have to buy mulitples of a character to get the other character they are carded with.

jawa_secdroid_backThe obvious variation with this little fella is the soft goods skirt. I know there are a number of folks that dislike soft goods, but I’m on the fence. In this case, it’s nice to have a Jawa that can sit finally. Not that I have any place for him to sit. Outside the Cantina, I guess.

The skirt reminds me a bit of the vintage Jawa. The double crossed belts add to that effect as well. It’s a bit of best of both worlds with the sculpted top and fabric skirt, best of the old and best of the new.

Of course, this also give a great chance to see what a Jawa’s legs look like as well.  They are really what you would expect. some cloth wrappings.   They really kind of look like miniature mummy legs to me.

jawa_secdroid_legsThe vest that a couple of the other recent Jawas had is not present here.  I think this leads to one slight problem with his appearance. He comes off looking slightly like a bobble head. Not grossly, just a bit.

There’s one other slight problem with the little scavenger. His holster doesn’t work. This might just be a problem with mine, but the hole at the bottom seems like it needs  to be bigger. I’ll probably take a hobby knife and open it up a bit, but I don’t think I should have to. This is an action figure, not a model kit.


As I’ve said with any two pack, two figures are always more fun. However, in the case of this droid, figure might be stretching it.

The security droid is basically an R2 head on a wheeled platform. It really reminds me more of something from Dr. Who than Star Wars.

To be honest, I didn’t know this was a droid in the film. I thought it was some kind of light, field generator, or other piece of moisture farming equipment. But apparently, it is a security droid.

jawa_secdroid_droid2There is quite a bit of kibble on the head of this droid on the front side. The back is a bit more sparse. The head is a separate piece.

The base has a little detail on one end, but is otherwise plain. The painted details on the piece are well done enough for an accessory piece. The metallic paint for the bronze and green dome pull off the effect quite well.

I must take note that the Jawa follows what I applaud as useful articulation strategy. While he has articulated wrists, elbows, and shoulders, the little dude doesn’t have knees or ankles. Would anybody need them? I doubt they will be missed. I’d rather have a droid pack in over useless articulation any day.

jawa_secdroid_BADSpeaking of pack ins, there a couple of Build A Droid pieces here. Mine came with an R2 dome and third leg with green detailing. Again the head is a metallic paint for the green. I really kind of like it on this R2 head. It’s a bit of an inverse, with silver windows and colored dome.

I really wish there was an easier way to get all the requisite pieces for some of these droids. It’s too bad they didn’t do a point system where you could order droid parts for a la cart based on proof of purchase. At least, we get a mail in certificate for Qui-Gon with this duo.


jawa_sec_droid_cardedYou probably guessed it already. I like this figure. Jawas are one of the most seen non-human species in Star Wars saga, appearing in 4 out of the six films. (And I’m not 100% there wasn’t a Jawa in Episode 3.)  I truly believe looking at this Jawa and his contemporaries that somebody at Hasbro has love for the little guys. They just haven’t phoned in repaints with a droid knowing collectors would buy it, but they have made each of them distinct.

The droid for this pack isn’t the most exciting, but it does add another piece of the Purchase of the Droids. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more dioramas of that scene online. The one thing missing? A new Uncle Owen figure. Maybe if they come out with him, it will push me to work on my ideas fora diorama.

Engineernerd Score: 96/100


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  1. Errex says:

    Yay!, Jawas!

    I will definitely pick this one up, and I’m also glad to see the droid is so well detailed.