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May 30, 2011 | By More

This is going to be a bit of a short one. I’m not a Heroclix player, but I couldn’t pass up a mini War Machine.

This particular Marvel hero was a Free Comic Book Day 2o1o give away. My local shop, must have had a few left over and put them out this year to get rid of them. So, I had to grab one.

This particular piece is based on the comic version of War Machine. It’s a pretty cool match for the comic War Machine figure reviewed here.

The only thing that seems a bit off to me is the head. It’s a bit more angular and “roboty” than I would have expected. Some of that may have been exaggerated due to scale, but it’s a tad off to me. This isn’t helped by some eyes that seem both too big and accentuated by dark black paint.

The body looks pretty good, considering the scale. It’s got the muscular look that the comic WM shows.  My only nit on the body sculpt is the arc reactor seems to be an outie instead of an innie. There might be some art that depicts it this way, but this one looks more like one of those lights you stick in a pantry closets and press to turn on and off.

I do like the fact that most of these Heroclix figures are sculpted in a dynamic pose. Here it isn’t too dramatic, he looks ready to battle what ever monstrosity is menacing the world. The rock his right foot is on may have been a late addition. I’ve found some promo pictures online that didn’t show it.  ‘m sure it makes the figure quite a bit sturdier.

Of course, this couldn’t be War Machine without armament. It’s what you would expect, a rocket launcher pod on one side and Gatling gun on the other.  The gun is a bit odd since it looks like both ends of the belt feed into it. The gold on the ammo belt really shows up, and adds a cool detail to the piece.

There is one other small oddity to this tiny figure. It’s the paint on his butt. While the groin armor is dark in the front, from behind it is silver. Seem like he would want some more armor back there to protect his rear end.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased to have this micro Marvel man in my collection. I have a number of mini figs under my monitor, and he’s a perfect addition to that line up.

Engineernerd Score: 85/100

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  1. Errex says:

    Nice little figurine. I have always had curiosity about the actual gameplay, but none of my friends are into skirimish games.

  2. Engineernerd says:

    I actually don’t have any “real” world gaming friends close enough. However, it would probably be Car Wars.