Face Off – Do They Listen to the Judges?

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faceoff_greenI realized I hadn’t written anything about this season’s Face Off yet. I know it’s almost over. I know there are only 4 people left. I know there is one that seems capable of winning it more than the others. But, if you’re reading this, you must have some interest.

I can tell you this, these people did not read my Season 2 post on reality show contestants studying previous seasons. They’re seemingly doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. What do I mean? Glad you asked.

1. Time Management. The people that win have it. The people that go home early don’t. If you are going to do a full body creature, make sure you have time to paint it. I’m not saying keep it to the head, but make a realistic strategy for accomplishing the character and stick to it.

faceoff_tall2. Distort proportions. The overall crop of creatures this season has been very human proportioned for the most part. Let’s just assume that all creatures don’t grow the same way.

3. Gimmicks are cool, only if you can make them work. Having a character holding a snake that is puppeteered by the performer is a great idea. However, if turns out looking more like Lamb Chop and less like a snake, you probably shouldn’t do it.

4. Make bold, but realistic color choices. There have been some good examples of this on this season. However, for the most part, the color palate has been pretty bland. While the colors have to make sense for the environment, making a creature appear mostly monochromatic if fairly boring.

5. The devil is in the details. I really haven’t seen many make ups from this season that I would call memorable for building a character. Why? Because there is normally one defining characteristic that makes a creature memorable. The one I do remember is House’s stomach mouth make up. That thing is the stuff of nightmares AND memorable.

faceoff_2head6. Listen to the judges. All five points above were pointed out by the judges during this season as well as previous ones.

That seems to be the biggest hurdle this group hasn’t been able to over come. They just can’t learn from their mistakes. Time management and rushed paint has been the theme of this season.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this show. For a reality show, it’s both technical and one of the ones where it really is based on skill. And this group has a ton of skill. I just wish they would remember if they are going to do this as a living time is money. They need to learn to finish on time and within in a budget.

The person I think will win? Anthony. He seemed nearly unstoppable at the beginning of the season. I still think he has the best ability to put an overall character together and more importantly, finishing it off. He’s had a couple rough spots, but it would surprise me if he didn’t finish 1 or 2.

BTW: If you are on Twitter and want to talk Face Off or anything else in the Geek culture, make sure you follow @Twitziller. I’ve enjoyed many a next day Face Off tweets with him.

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