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Iron Monger BAF


Well, completing this Iron Monger figure took a little bit more work than usual. First off, Hasbro released in two separate waves the action figures containing the pieces to build the ‘monger. This would not have been much to think about, except that both half-waves were released about 6 months apart from each other.


Iron Monger BAF (19)In the first wave, we got Heroic Age Iron Man, the comic version of the Iron Patriot and Classic Iron Man. At his point in time, the rest of the figures to be released in this Iron Man Legends assortment were kept secret, so I decided to pick up only the Heroic Age suit, pending to see what the other characters were.


The second half of the wave was released a few months after stores got the avalanche of less-than-enticing Iron Man 3 merchandise, and in it were the Mark 42 armor, the movie version of the Iron Patriot suit (labeled as Lt. Col. James Rhodes), and Ultron.


Iron Monger BAF (10)

From this wave I immediately snapped up the Mk.42 and movie Patriot, leaving me with half the pieces needed to complete the Iron Monger BAF. Luckily, hunting down the missing figures was not too time consuming, and I even found a couple of them on sale. So, with all the pieces in hand, I proceeded to construct the monster.


And it is a monster of a figure. The Iron Monger is fairly tall and bulky, but it feels surprisingly heavy. The armor design is the same that was used for the 3.75-inch version released a few years ago in the Iron Man 2 line and I must say that it translates very well to the larger scale.


Next to the 6-inch Movie version, this Iron Monger looks and feels superior in almost every way, from looks to articulation. Being a BAF, the articulation design tries to replicate the functionality of the joints found on the smaller characters with:


Iron Monger BAF (8)

• Barbell jointed neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Ball jointed wrists.

• Floating torso.

• Hinged peg hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Double hinged knees.

• Ball jointed ankles.


Of course, given the sheer bulk of the limbs and the armor design, the movement range on some of these articulation points is somewhat limited, but Iron Monger still retains the mobility one would expect from such a lumbering pile of metal.

There is almost no paint on the Iron Monger, other than the visor, the chest reactor and the solid black hoses and antenna. The whole figure is made from a blue plastic that has a pearly/metallic sheen to it and I find the overall effect to be quite attractive.

Overall, I think this Iron Monger is a pretty worthwhile figure to complete, even if a couple of the characters required may not be on your purchase-on-sight list.


Iron Monger BAF (6)



Errex Score: 89/100

 Iron Monger BAF (15)

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