High Ground Bunker (Micro Ops)

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High Ground Bunker (10)

The High Ground Bunker is one of the large-carded sets released by McFarlane Toys in their Micro Ops line. In Halo: Reach, High Ground is a multiplayer map that features this bunker as well as a couple other structures.


High Ground Bunker (6)The set consists of a UNSC concrete bunker, a Covenant turret and three minifigures, all done in the 1/100 scale.


The main piece in the set is the bunker itself, which is comprised of six different pieces. The bunker assembly is fairly simple and reasonably stable, even though the pieces have a less than perfect fit.


This is because the material used to cast the bunker walls is more flexible than one would expect, and the fit of the pieces inside the packaging blister causes a few of them to warp in such a way that the edges on roof would not sit perfectly flush with the adjoining pieces.


High Ground Bunker (4)The interior of the bunker is quite unremarkable, even though it does have a UNSC crest stenciled on one wall. There is an articulated hatch on the roof, which is a nice touch and it is game accurate.


The bunker was molded in gray plastic, but each piece also has a subtle concrete texture that was shaded with a dark ink wash, giving them a very convincing appearance.


The set included a Covenant Shade Turret. These are heavy weapon platforms operated usually by Grunts of the lower castes, although in this set the gunner is actually a Grunt Heavy, with the characteristic slitted goggles sculpted on.


Heavy GruntThe turret is decorated in a rich bronze color and the twin-linked cannons can swivel and rotate, although the mechanism tends to jam a little bit. I am not really sure if the side armor plates are meant to be removable, since only the one on the right side of my turret does, but I find it indispensable to actually put the feet of the gunner over the pegs in there.


UNSC MarineSince the Grunt Heavy’s purpose is to man the turret, the minifigure cannot stand upright on its own, but the two other figures included have these huge plastic disks molded on them to keep them standing.

CQB Spartan (2)These UNSC figures are a Marine, painted gray, and a CQC Spartan decked in red Mjölnir armor. As usual, the paintjob on the minifigures is rather crude, but it works well if seen from a distance.


Shade Turret (2)Even though the overall appearance of this set is not quite as sharp as it could have been, as a relapsed wargamer I cannot dismiss the charm of owning such a piece of terrain; I admit that my first intention upon getting this set was to use it to display some of my old Galoob Star Wars microfigures, but I think this set is good enough to get if you can find it cheap.

High Ground Bunker (9)


High Ground Bunker



Errex Score: 65/100

Bunker with SW Galoob Figures (3)

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