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March 1, 2017 | By More

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m not a Wonder Woman fan. I don’t hate the character, I just don’t know anything about her. I know the basics, I’ve just never really been exposed to many of her stories. Did I watch the Lynda Carter show back…? Well, you know when. Of course, I did. Since then though, I’ve went different routes with my comic reading. I leaned towards Marvel, and she doesn’t really ever show up in any of the Bat books. 

You guys may remember I was really happy with the ArtFX Super Powers Batman. There was something about the classic look of the character combined with action figure details that was just cool. I’ve been patiently waiting for them to get to Joker and Penguin. But when I saw the pre-order go up for Wonder Woman in this line, I clicked the buy button. 

Why, you may ask. I think it is the same thing that struck me about the Batman. This is a very classic look for the character. Well, classic from my point of view, at least. And once again, this statue has those tiny hints of being an action figure. 

Like the other pieces in this line, the Amazon is in fairly static museum type pose. I like this for these as they would all look very Justice League team photo all standing together. If you aren’t going to go crazy big action pose, this is a much better choice than something subtle. However, as Scott on the Action Figure Blues Podcast has said in his reviews of the other pieces, it would have been nice to have swap out pieces to represent the vintage Super Powers figure’s action feature. Wonder Woman had a great one too, she snapped her hands in front of her in a bullet deflecting wrist move.

Speaking of the vintage figure, it’s a bit, hmmm, how to say this, over muscular to me. Maybe not to the extent that the vintage Mego Pocket hero was, but a little. I’ve always wondered if figure designers of the late 70’s and early 80’s went out of their way to make female figure not appear to be sexy so mothers would still buy them for little Timmy. 

This statue doesn’t go that route. She definitely has an athletic female body inspired by comic art. The thing I love is that while there is always going to be a sexual component to a half naked woman, they didn’t over do it here. While her bust is highlighted by her bustier, it isn’t at a Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1 proportions. The same with her legs and posterior region.

If anything her pose and sculpt say, “I’m a bad ass woman here to kick some ass.” The back is slightly arched and the shoulders are set. The downward head tilt present on all of these figures gives her a look of determination.  

The only part of the sculpt I would maybe change would be the left hand. I know they are trying to evoke the action figure with the flat hand, but an ever so slight curve to the fingers would have been nice. This is really minor and doesn’t take away from my overall enjoyment, though.

Speaking of sculpt, I really like what they did with the boots. The white lines have a slight edge to them. The part I really like are the heels, though. They went with a chunky heel over a stiletto. While this helps her look feminine, it calls back to the vintage figure. What it also does is give her a pretty solid stance. 

There is plenty of places where Miss Prince could have had paint go horribly astray. And none of it did. There isn’t a hint of slop anywhere on this figure. None. If anything there is a slight bit of white showing at the top of the bracelets. Really though, for this price range, the paint is pretty much flawless. Including her face. The lips and eyes look great, as does the star on the tiara.

Wonder Woman wouldn’t be complete without one accessory, her golden lasso. It is of course present. Her right hand is sculpted slightly open to hold it. I really love they went with a gold cord here instead of something sculpted. Can see them going either way. But this version really just adds a bit of punch to the statue.


I’m so happy I took the plunge on everyone’s favorite Amazon. There is just something that is so intriuging about this line. They’re statues of action figures of classic comic figures. On the top level, that sounds like it could be terrible. But, it isn’t. This line knows exactly what is. It knows how to put enough of each of the aspects into the sculpt and paint to evoke the vintage figure and character. At the same time, Koto has given us statues more in line with modern sculpting to look good to modern collectors. I think that is why these appeal to me over the jumbo versions. 

Engineernerd Score: 95/100

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Wonder Woman Super Powers ArtFX+ Statue

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